Healthy Snacks to Satisfy the Munchies


When you get an attack of the munchies it seems like the attraction of the cookie jar or that bag of chips seems incredibly strong, right? What if there is no one around to see you ‘cheat’ and grab some junk food. Comfort food seems to hold power over us sometimes and the hungrier you get the less power you have to resist it.

If you are on a new diet or just starting a weight training regimen, your appetite will skyrocket in the beginning sending you foraging in the cabinets to satisfy that ravenous hunger that comes after a strenuous workout.

One strategy is to avoid buying those naughty ‘trigger’ foods that often send you on a downward spiral. If those forbidden foods are in your house eventually you will eat them. You might be able to exert your will power initially, but you will give in eventually as most of us will.

So, what’s the alternative? How do we keep from slipping back to this destructive behavior that only ends up adding to our hips and thighs?

A smart solution is to replace those unhealthy snack foods in your house with healthy snack alternatives. But what do those healthy snacks taste like?

Well, Carolyn Hansen, the author of 100 Healthy Raw Snacks And Treats, knows all about this problem. She was determined to find snack recipes that did not include the usual ingredients: sugar, flour, butter, and she has replaced these with healthy substitutes that she could live with as a bodybuilder looking to maintain a healthy diet during her preparations for physique contests.

That was some years ago now, and today she is making the recipes she came up with during that period available to anyone who could benefit from being able to grab low-calorie snacks on the run that also taste great.

If you could take a look at some of the pictures of the snacks and treats that she has come up with you would not hesitate to volunteer to be a taste tester in her kitchen. Carolyn shares how you can make cheesecake alternatives that use no dairy but look and taste just as delicious? This is just one of the recipe types that fill her book.

For more information on this mouth-watering topic, I recommend you go to her site at 100 Healthy Raw Snacks and Treats, and quickly grab yourself a copy of her recipe book and put your blender to work. Do you know the nice thing about Carolyn’s recipes?

You don’t even need a stove to prepare them – these are all no-cook recipes made from natural ingredients that can go right into your mouth! How convenient is that? Healthy snacks that are easy to prepare.

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