The concept of cellular nutrition is a nutrition program that is designed so that our body cells, the smallest unit of life get the nutrients that were enough possible to grow and improve themselves implement the function as efficiently as possible, where nutrition is useful to keep the existing amount of muscle in the body, and not increase the number of body muscles.

The concept of cellular nutrition:
Cleaning (cleans) villous-intestinal villi
More absorbing (absorption) of many nutrients
regenerate the cells are damaged in a healthy body


We are thankful to God who created the cells – the cells of our body in a short life, it means always change. By providing “cell food” right, it will always happen in healthier cell regeneration. Herbal cellular nutrition provides the “cell food” (nutrients) macro-and micro-full at the cellular level, easily digested, absorbed and used in the cell – the cell body. This has been tried and true for more than 29 years in various countries (more than 74 countries, different races, and ethnicities)

Basically we are living creatures, composed of trillions of cells – cells. Each cell has a series of chemical reactions and specific tasks, so take the nutrients and energy. If you are low-nutrition food consumption, employment and the cells become sluggish autoimmune system weakens. For example, if cells lack nutrients your day, then they are not able to process toxins efficiently (as one task of the liver cells) and you will feel tired.

If your nerve cells lack nutrients, it will make you slow to react as the lights dimmed, or if your muscle cells lack nutrients, then you will feel sluggish.
In this condition, of course, our bodies are not able to fight against many diseases. So eat fairly complete nutrition for your body cells, hence increasing the body’s immune system.

Digestion MORE POWERFUL, really?
Stress, bad eating habits, long-term drug consumption, and certain illnesses can cause digestive system disorder. Such as irritable bowel symptoms, constipation, etc., which affect your ability to absorb and digest nutrients, and reduced ability to remove toxins is efficient.

By improving eating habits through a series of Herbalife nutritional products provider, your digestion will be accustomed to working more comfortably, more easily absorb nutrients due to cleaning villous-intestinal villi from dirt and toxins that enter the digestive tract.