Cbd Products and Their Uses – an Overview


You know that CBD is one of the most beneficial chemical compounds that is extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plants. You also must have known already that unlike its toxic cousins such as THC and marijuana, CBD doesn’t make you feel high or euphoric, though they are all obtained from the same source. This is why CBD is legalized in most of the countries across the globe today, provided it contains less than 0.3% of THC.

Thanks to these benefits, many manufacturers are trying to infuse CBD in various forms in their products. Today, you will find a wide range of products that contain CBD and that claim to bring about positive impacts on your mental and physical health. Before you proceed to buy these CBD products, you should have some knowledge about them so that you don’t feel exploited.

Broad classification of CBD-products

Even before getting into the various types of products that CBD is infused in, you should know about the broad categories that it falls into. The categories are – CBD extract and CBD isolate. What do they mean? Keep reading to know more about the same:

CBD Extract

This is a very thick substance that contains a very high percentage of CBD and a very low THC content. CBD extracts are mostly extracted through heating and introducing the plant to carbon dioxide. The final resulting CBD extract contains all essential cannabinoids, fatty acids and other antioxidants. Therefore, it is used for many medicinal and cosmetic purposes. It can be used along with other products or as a standalone product as well.

CBD Isolate

As the name suggests, this category of CBD is almost 99% isolate, which means it contains only cannabinoids and nothing else. It comes in a crystalline or powder form, and it doesn’t contain any trace elements of THC or any other components, making it absolutely safe and legal. However, since it doesn’t contain the other fatty acids or antioxidants, it is not as effective as the CBD extracts. Like extracts, isolates, too can be taken along with other ingredients or as standalone products. Tablets, vapes, candies, tinctures, syrups, etc. are some forms in which you can consume these.

Next level of classification of CBD products

Now, that you have understood the broad categories of CBD products, let us get into the different types of CBD products that you usually find in the market. All of these are made up of either extracts or isolates, which is why it was important to explain them first. Some of the common ways in which you can consume or use CBD in your everyday life are:

  • CBD-infused beauty products
  • CBD-infused edibles and beverages
  • Capsules and tinctures (both oil-based)
  • Concentrates and suppositories
  • Topical applications
  • CBD-infused inhalable products
  • Water-soluble CBD

Uses of CBD products

  • CBD has loads of pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory characteristics. Therefore, it is used to make beauty products such as face creams and lotions to help you get rid of acne and blemishes that are caused because of inflammations in your body.
  • CBD capsules are easy to consume and they are commonly available as well. It ensures that the cannabinoids interact quickly with your bloodstream.
  • CBD concentrates are usually used for inhaling purposes. You can experience the effect of CBD in just about 2 minutes in this process, and it is great for people who are looking for quick relief for their ailments.
  • Edibles and beverages that are infused with CBD are tasty and effective as well. They make you feel relaxed and help you sleep well at night.

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