Different Training Ways How To Keep Yourself Fit By Excercise


One of the most common in men, besides those already described in the physical plane, is about obsessive behavior that seeks to form a remarkable body. In this mental disorder, known as bigorexia, an individual can invest much of the day doing exercises without success.

People affected by this disorder, which is just beginning to be recognized, are completely obsessed with his image: his life is completely tied to physical activity and muscle development, since their diet includes only foods that help to develop mass muscle, such as carbohydrates, pasta, vitamins, and glucose.

In more destructive, consuming hormones, anabolic steroids or steroids (substances that increase muscle atrophy), weighed several times a day and is obsessed with winning a few grams in a few minutes of exercise.

Any excess is bad, even in sports: the overtraining causes problems ranging from fatigue, muscle pain, poor sleep, and appetite, to decreased levels of sex hormones in both men and women. Learn.

The sport has many benefits as it helps the good functioning of muscles, joints and blood circulation, increases self-esteem, helps maintain sexual and professional life more fulfilling, and free from tension and stress.

However, to make great efforts, both amateur and professional, you can create excessive tension, physical or mental, resulting in abnormal physiological and psychological performance.

The first in the treatment of physical exertion is to identify the cause of the disorder and identify external factors that may be increasing (problems at home, work, lack of sleep, poor nutrition).

It is very important that athletes with this problem to rest and raise awareness that intensive recovery efforts will lead to a speedy recovery, not only reducing the time or intensity. It also has to take adequate nutrition to bring you the nutrients you spend through sports.

All injuries, especially those due to overload, should be treated properly and consult a specialist in sports medicine to begin a proper training program. It is also essential to restart the exercise smoothly and gradually increase physical demand.

This is a new option for women and men who want a fun exercise, the rhythm of the music. Your benefits: burn fat, define and tone muscles, maintain good physical condition and eliminate stress.

Moreover, the four routines that integrate the aeroboxtraining (aerobic boxing training) will also benefit the mind, ie, provide relief from negative emotions to safety issues and self-esteem.

Equilibrium in four steps

To access this training technique, suitable for adults of both genders, “only requires a minimum of boxing equipment (gloves, the sack of 2 meters and 60 kilos in weight, as well as casual wear light loose tissue) and the essential component that may seem secondary but in reality, it is equally important: music (hard or electronic) to synchronize body movements.”

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