1/4 of Americans Had Trouble Paying Medical Bills Last Year


I recently read a story about the Lindgren family in New Jersey. Their story is a sad one, but not all that uncommon today. Their family is struggling to pay for the medications they need to stay healthy.

The Lindgrens are a family coping with illness on all fronts and without adequate income to pay their health – care costs. They cannot afford the medicine that keeps Tim Lindgren, who is 62, from lapsing into a coma and struggle to pay the relatively small expenses of tolls and parking in Manhattan when they go to the doctor.

By yesterday, Lindgren had just two pills left for today. He needs six and was hoping his doctor could provide samples.

Ann Lindgren’s Said. “ If we have to, we’re forced to put it on our credit card. ”

While the Lindgrens ‘ situation is horrible, it’s also somewhat indicative of what the rest of the nation is facing – even in families without grave diseases.

Even those with insurance struggle.A survey of adults with private insurance, done in 2003, found 17 . 6 million people reporting substantial problems paying their medical bills, according to a 2005 report on medical debt by the Kaiser Foundation’s Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured. The nonprofit foundation focuses on health – care issues.

While Ann Lindgren, the matriarch of the family, pays $ 715 for health insurance, her husband and daughter are on Medicare and have Medicare Part D prescription coverage. Unfortunately, the medication that Tim Lindgren, the father of the family, needs is not covered and costs $ 525 a month. That cost, in addition to $ 715 for health insurance and $ 333 a month in supplemental insurance is too much for the family to bear.

Free prescription medication

The family has now been given an application for free prescription medication through the Salix PAP, which makes Tim’s medication, but they will need to prove financial hardship in order to get the company to even consider an appeal because if his Medicare Part D coverage.

Our thoughts are with the Lindgren family as they try to get the free medication they need for their family. We hope that Patient Assistance Programs provide the safety net that their family needs to return to a somewhat normal life.

There are income requirements to use their program, and they can be found here. The amount varies depending upon how many people live in your household. To receive low-cost generic medications, you just need to :
Print the form.
Fill it out according to their directions and go to your doctor to get a 90 prescription for EACH medication you are applying for.
Return it to them with your prescriptions and payment.

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