I Was Denied! What Can I Do Now to Get Free Medication


Once you have gone through the entire process of researching the Patient Assistance Programs that offer your medications, filling out the forms, providing the proof of income, and mailing in any other necessary documents, it can be incredibly frustrating to be denied your free medication.

Denial could come for many reasons:

You may have forgotten to fill out a section of the application.

You may have forgotten to include your proof of income.

You may have forgotten to include your prescription.

You may have forgotten to have your doctor sign the form.

You may have been over the income limits.

Plus a number of other possible factors.

If you get a dreaded denial letter, make sure that you don’t get frustrated before you take a look at your appeal options.

If you are slightly over the income limits of the PAP, it’s possible that they will accept an appeal letter for your physician that describes the level of medical necessity and the hardship that doing without the medication would cause. You need to prove to them that it would be a financial hardship to purchase the medication in order to have your appeal considered. There is NO guarantee that you will get assistance from the PAP – there is just an appeal process for you to let the PAP know why you should be eligible, and they make that determination on a case by case basis.

In a case where you have prescription coverage but have totally maxed out your benefits, you may still be eligible for coverage if you send in a letter stating your situation. If you can provide official documentation regarding your maxed-out state with your insurance company, that will aid your cause. Again, there is no guarantee that you will get help – each PAP decides appeals on a case-by-case basis.

Correct information

In the event that you made errors or omissions on your application, you can simply reapply with the correct information filled out.

The process for applying for free medication CAN be frustrating and complicated, but the insurance companies have policies in place for very good reasons. The decisions are made by them on a case-by-case basis and they truly want to help those in need, so do what you can to show them how dire your situation is.

There are income requirements to use their program, and they can be found here. The amount varies depending upon how many people live in your household. To receive low-cost generic medications, you just need to. Print the form.
Fill it out according to their directions and go to your doctor to get a 90 prescription for EACH medication you are applying for.
Return it to them with your prescriptions and payment.

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